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    WIRE MESH STAINLESS STEEL , MESH STAINLESS STEEL, WIREMESH, Screen Mesh, Screen, Window Screen, Sieve, Saringan Mesh, Kawat Saringan dll

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    Contact Wetter for high grade stainless steel wire and stainless steel wire mesh with micron or space openings. Wetter produces AISI 304, 304L, 306 and 306L stainless steel wire with wire drawing machines, at the same time, we weave better quality stainless steel wire mesh out of stainless 304, 316 and other metal alloy materials. We also have a dedicated team for all your business requirements.

    From our website you can view our current wire mesh products and find out about the detail technical information available. Click on Contact Us for an inquiry or visit us in China to see the factory and how we control the quality.

    Our mission is to...

    Provide choice stainless steel wire and innovative and technologically advanced stainless steel wire mesh ( wire cloth / screen) products in response to customer needs.

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